Body to body massage Madrid

Body to body means the massage is performed using the masseuse’s whole body. Not just the hands and the forearms: their breasts, belly, legs and feet.

This is a very relevant aspect of our erotic massage Madrid.

Body to body erotic intensity

Of course the erotic intensity of this kind of intimate massage is much higher. Ready to join us for such a special erotic experience? The body to body most intimate and sexy massage is included in the extremely erotic massage.

Body to body massage means we will rub our bodies against each other. You will be on your hotel bed, and we will be performing a very special, sensual and hot body to body massage on you. You can choose us to be naked or not, depending on the erotic intensity you prefer to live up and the massage menu you choose —please have in mind that not all of the ladies offer naked massage. This is also called "nuru massage" after the Japanese techniques.

Body to body massage training

But it is not just a plain rubbing of our bodies, there is a very specific training we needed to undergo to excel in this massage special. Just a few erotic masseuses know these techniques. Some of them are well kept secrets. Only the best masseuses in Spain share this kind of information.

Beyond the plain learning of a handbook set of instructions or copying somebody else’s system, the masseuse you choose needs to have the talent for erotic bodywork. Being a sexy masseuse is not enough here. We are working as erotic masseuses because it is our calling. If you feel curious about the reviews about our massage service you will probably check it.

Body to body massage in Madrid

Body to body massage is a part of Erotic Shower massage, included in the 90 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage. Wanna try it?


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