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The most elegant, expert, and tallest masseuse in Spain. Pure Tantric wisdom!

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Outcall massage and sex

What are the limits or what is the difference between massage and sex? This is one of the most frequent questions we are having these days.

Because many gentlemen call us just to ask for this question.

Erotic massage Madrid and sex are two different words. Obviously! Furthermore, they are no synonyms. So they have different meanings. Even talking about eroticism!

We understand that the limits get blurry when massage gets so intimate, so erotic and even sexual. Because our bodywork takes you to climax.

Anyway, there is a big difference in what we female masseuses are willing to do in our jobs.

I'm craving for an Extremely Erotic Massage!

Massage means all of us Tantra ladies have a professional foundation and a specific training for Tantra massage. We also know how to use our hands to give a therapy massage. Escorts don't have neither of these trainings.

Yes I need a Relaxing Massage!

We use more than just our hands

Do we just use our hands? Hell no! We use all of our bodies.

Erotic hotel massage means we use all of our bodies to perform the hottest body to body massage or nuru-massage. So this means we had to undergo some very specific trainings.

Tantra massage sessions take a minimum time of 60 minutes. During this time we work on your sexual energies to get more and more intense, until you achieve an amazing climax. A powerful climax. A long climax, with a very abundant ejaculation.

We don't use our mouth nor our intimate sexual parts to stimulate your body. We do use our breasts for a long time on top of your body in the hottest extremely erotic massage.

Erotic hotel masseuses are no escorts

Please have in mind that we erotic masseuses are no escorts. We don't want to work as an escort for our personal reasons and we are not changing our mind today.

If you wish to have our best erotic massage plus sex, please say so when calling us.

There are specific ladies who chose to also offer this service. So not just any random masseuses are doing it.

We are quite sure you know what an escort offers in her service. Oral sex, penetration, front and back —meaning vaginal penetration.

A big quality difference

Our job, as we said before, takes at least 60 minutes. It is a big difference. Not just about the time but the quality of our erotic bodywork.

As erotic masseuses we are also socially different. We are not seen as escorts. We dress as regular young ladies, not as escorts. We are not stopped and not asked at the hotel lobbies because of our looks.

Erotic massage re-balances mind and body

It is very helpful to enjoy this special experience to re-balance mind and body. A wonderful erotic hotel massage.

Please choose your preferred Tantra masseuse in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza. Then choose a massage menu and contact us for phone booking, express SMS booking or a days in advance booking per e-mail. All of our ladies are Spanish.

Let us spoil you if you are visiting Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid or Valencia, this is a blissful service for you to enjoy! Find out how it works.

Discover this convenient service for your pleasure. It is Out-call service we provide to hotels and private apartments. Depending on our location we can be at your door in 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Choose your lady and book now!

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