Massage prices Madrid

We can offer you a wide range of massage prices, according to the session time length you wish and the resulting erotic intensity.

You can also choose the length of the massage session: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes. Prices are proportional.


Relaxing massage

60 minutes relaxing massage: 150 €

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Medium erotic massage

60 minutes medium erotic massage: 180 €

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Extremely erotic massage

60 minutes extremely erotic massage: 230 €

75 minutes extremely erotic massage: 280 €

90 minutes extremely erotic massage: 330 €

120 minutes extremely erotic massage: 460 €

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Extremely erotic massage for couples

See prices for couple massage: you can choose a massage for 1 masseuse to share or two masseuses. Choose a masseuse for each of you, you can combine female and male masseurs.

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From relaxing to Extremely Erotic: a question of time

Our massage sessions go from relaxing to extremely erotic, from affordable to really lush massage experiences. All of them are always performed with the most professional and giving attitude by our female masseuses.

Ours is a premium Out-call service. All the taxi expenses are included. Our masseuses will never ask you for a tip. Asking for tips is not an elegant attitude in Europe —though tips are logically welcome. Tip only if the service has been outstanding. So the prices we display on the table are final.

Only exceptions are hotels or apartments located far from the city center as airport areas or smaller towns outside the city limits of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza.

Erotic massage in your hotel in Madrid Erotic massage in your hotel room in Madrid Erotic massage in your hotel room in Madrid Erotic massage in your hotel room in Madrid Erotic massage in your hotel room in Madrid


The most elegant, expert, and passionate masseuse in Spain.

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The sweetest teenish lady in Madrid for your massage in your hotel room.

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Young and frisky. Lolita is absolutely sexy. Pure Tantric wisdom!

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Playboy centerfold blonde: extremely expert in erotic tantric grips!

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So beautiful and amazingly expert! Danuta delivers a blissful bodywork!

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