Reviews, opinions and testimonials

It is amazing how many wonderful reviews we get. Amazing but not surprising, knowing that our masseuses are the best in Spain, wherever in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Our customer satisfaction is probably the highest of all erotic massage services offered in Spain.

Better than sex

“As an all-time escort-user I was reluctant to hire one of you chicks. I was really not convinced about it. Last weekend I spent more than 2.000 € on escorts. Your single 375 € massage has been much better and far more satisfying. Thank you!”

Simply the best

"Believe me, I have been using similar services to yours in the States, in all Europe and Asia. I also tried several of your ladies and I must admit you are simply the best service I ever tried”.

Elegant service

“I am used to some tacky sad and mediocre massage services —also cheaper, I admit. So I was truly surprised by your efficiency and elegance. Really nice massage, and gorgeous and sexy ladies!”


“From the very start I have been greeted by a very nice guy on the phone. This guy treated me with the same respectful, professional and caring attitude as the young lady visiting my room. My compliments for your reliability!”

On time

“I first asked you to serve me in 15 minutes. You guys told me to wait some 55 minutes. I expected you to be much later. But the lady was on time. I appreciate you did not lie to me as other services do!”

All true

“What you say, describe and advise on this website is all true. Even the wonderful reviews correspond to my real experience with your service. Please don’t ever change!”

We are 4 friends

“The four of us did enjoy four different ladies. After our separate massages we discussed them. All and each of us were absolutely certain we had had the best lady. So all of you must be amazing! I can’t wait to come back to Barcelona to try all of you!”.

Discrete service

”Nobody at the hotel Arts, either staff nor my business mates noticed your visit. Thank you for your discretion and your amazing skills!”

Right recommendation

“I was asking for a specific body type. I am aware my wishes are not common and you told me honestly you could not satisfy my request. But your recommendation of that specific lady hit the target. And she was just great”.

Couple massage

“My wife and me enjoyed an amazing experience with one of your ladies. We can’t thank you enough for your interest, professional service and the amazingly erotic massage we both shared.”